Negative Impact of Credit Card


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Negative Impact of Credit Card

  • Although using credit cards more freely and easily, but to remember is to use a credit card just as you owe. When buying something, you do not need to spend money but enough to swipe a credit card. Transactions purchases made within a period of one month are accumulated into the total bill to be paid. On a certain date each month to the maturity date which is the date by which you paid the bill. Previously, invoices will be sent, which contains details of the transaction date, the total bill and the minimum amount to be paid.
  • Because of its simplicity and no need to spend money when buying something, often we are too busy to shop regardless of how much total money that has been issued. Moreover, because do not use cash, making the total grocery shopping does not seem large compared with cash. As if we still have a lot of money because of unused cash.
  • However, if you do not pay in full the total bill then the danger is ready waiting for you. While you will be able to pay the minimum amount that is usually only 10% of the total bill. However, the difference will be counted as debts to be paid and interest is very large.


  • credit card could not be used in traditional markets
  • but in reality, not a few who use credit cards just for the stylegayaan and could not manage between income and outcome. the edges are pretty much a blur, or just use the first few months free subscription.
    Your credit card can make a huge debt that will destroy your finances.
  • if you have not paid off for some time, the bank will bring in debt collectors that the rough will force you to pay the arrears. Many credit card users end up having to sell his property to pay off debts to swell due to credit card interest. Pelu known, that most credit card rates than other types of credit.
  • Credit cards are also often used in fraud. Someone or some institution might fool you with a variety of ways to get your credit card number. Next, they will make a purchase or making money with your credit card number that will be charged to you as a credit card owners.
  • Payment is required at the month, but you will be charged interest on bills. This can cause you trapped debt.

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